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    the alphabet has changed. A C B D E F G

    Top20reviews.com, "us" "we", are a listing reference much like that of other similar search references but for reviews of products and services which listings of this site are authored by other persons and which reviews are hosted not as an adjunct of top20reviews.com. WE assume no responsibility for any postings or their content. We offer no assurances to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any listing. We do not actively monitor or review postings. Any user who feels that a listing is objectionable is encouraged to contact us. Any and all listings and advertisements upon the site are not and shall not constitute an endorsement by us. The accuracy of the listings herein are not warranted by us. Our compensation, IF ANY, may be from advertisers opon this site.

    the alphabet has changed. A C B D E F G

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    PHONEBOOK. You agree that this site is merely a reference to a review posted elsewhere and that this site is not to be used as a review itself. This site is more like a phonebook so that viewers/visitors can find references to a product or service - hence the description field - so they can click a link - like calling on the phone - to get further information. You may not sell, promote, or advertise any products or contractor services of this site. While we appreciate the expertise that many vendors have to offer, WE request that companies and individuals refrain from advertising or soliciting here. Any attempt to solicit customers may result in removal from this page.

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    CHANGES and TERMINATION. This agreement may change from time to time. This agreement remains in force for as long as your listing remains. Either party can - at will - end this agreement by either removing the listing or suspending it. If the listing is suspended, we will notify you at the email address of the listing.

    SOLE DISCRETION. We reserve the right to take down any listing at any time for any reason and without notice, without explanation, at our sole discretion for which you have no recourse and for which we assume no liability. As a user you agree to any information you have entered on this site being stored in a database. You acknowledge that all listings made to this site express the views and opinions of the authors and not US, administrators, moderators or webmasters or any entity associated therewith and hence we will not be held liable for any such postings.

    OFFERS. Because this service is offered for free, you may list as many reviews as you like. We make no claims to any revenues you generate upon or from your review site for your conforming listings with us. When we send emails to you- and we will- it may include offers from advertiser. You are not required to respond to any advertiser.

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